I sat next to Phil for five straight weeks, six days a week, 12 hours a day, during some testing a few years ago.  And I kept track of all the stuff he said.  I should have my own show starring William Shatner by now.

If it's good enough for the B-29, then it's good enough for me!

It's time to go home for my power nap.  My tummy's full.  Give me my blankie.

I'll go home when I have a stroke.  When you see me drooling in my chair, you'll know it's time to roll me out of here.

You know Boeing saves up all the sunny days you miss and give them to you when you retire.

Pete! Pete!  Come over here.  Don't take your headset off - what are you doing?

You should ride submarines for 8 years.  Best fun you could find was a cockroach you could chase.

The flaps are going ape crap all over the place!

What was the movie with Arnold Schwartzenegger?  With the guy from outerspace that hid in the trees in the camoflauge?  Yeah, Predator.  That's kinda what fitting data is like.

I-P-U-P-We all P for I-P...  eh?  It's a Canadian beer!

Yes, I watched Walt Disney when I was a kid.
Jen: You were a kid?
Yeah, it lasted about a minute and a half.

They can go for an hour at standstill and then they have to make a turn.

Chicken pox!!

Enough is enough.  You could spend your whole life on it.  Oh - I have!

Damn fish would be hopping out of the water becuase I'd be bitching at them.

Oh, you don't count.  Har har har har har har har!

There's two good newses!

Mark:  You can kiss my ass.
Jen:  Marcus, you're closest.
[Phil laughs so hard he cries.  Win!]

I'm tired of salads.  I'm tired of fruit bowls.  I'm tired of fucking cookies.

A blind guy could do it.  In fact, I'm doing it.

See how my jacket is slowly getting eaten by the velcro?

I've got a big mean raccoon.  I went out and bought one.

You want a cookie?  Or some bread?  Or maybe some washed tea?

Is your nose on strike?  You could pick-it!

It's my baby blue shirt.  I don't war it too often because the girls come after me.  Gotta beat 'em off with a stick.

They put frogs in the coffee to keep it warm.

When you die, you know where you go?  TM1 - using ERA, eating Gretchen's every day.

Peace Eagle.  That's kinda gross.  If you say it real fast, it's pee-seagull.  Why would they name something like that?

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